Precrafted messages for businesses during these uncertain times

In these uncertain times, your company should be addressing this unprecedented threat. If you have not already crafted a response message, feel free to use one from below.


In these times of unprecedented uncertainty, your safety is our top priority. In response to the COVID-19 threat, we’ve adapted our policies to provide a safe and convenient environment for our customers and staff.

Please practice safe social distancing while shopping in our store by maintaining a six-foot distance between yourself and others whenever possible. …

Adventures in house hunting.

We went to a couple of open houses this weekend. It’s been years since I’ve done that and I was surprised how quickly I became comfortable with walking into a stranger’s home and rooting around, judging them for their taste and questioning their design choices.

While each home had its quirks, after a while they all started to blend together. However, there was one house that really stood out.

It was built in the mid-90’s but I promise you that the person who lived there had been dreaming about building it since the last episode of…

It was a better day in the neighborhood without him.

Scales models are cool. If you don’t believe me, just look for sci-fi models on Pinterest and see how deep that rabbit hole goes. They’re cool.

And that’s why Trolley was such a punk. On Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood there were two ways into the land of Make-Believe. He could break out the scale models from what looked like the coolest toy shelf in the world (when I was three) and we could all be magically transported there or we could all get on the stupid Trolley — who’s only real magic seemed to be speaking in bells. And 9 times…

Repurposing pop culture

I’m really enjoying The Mandalorian. It’s Star Wars meets Sergio Leone right down to the soundtrack and he’s already met his Tuco. Whether you’ve been able to catch the show or not, I’m sure you’ve been unable to avoid the onslaught of memes, posts and articles about the character people are calling Baby Yoda — a child of whatever species Yoda was. The internet loves him, my daughter “awwws” when he comes on screen and Disney is spinning up the merch making machine to fire out whatever they can in time for Christmas. He’s the cutest puppet…

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